Toggle switch performance characteristics and precautions!


Toggle switch performance characteristics and precautions!


Performance characteristics
The toggle switch is a new generation of photoelectric switching devices manufactured using integrated circuit technology and SMT external device technology. It has intelligent functions such as delay, broadening, external synchronization, anti-interference, high reliability, stable working area and self-diagnosis. This novel photoelectric switch is a pulse-modulated active photoelectric detection system type electronic switch, the use of cold light source with infrared light, red light, green light and blue light, etc., can be non-contact, no damage quickly Control the various solid, liquid, transparent body, black body, soft body and smoke and other substances in the state and action. Driving waterproof explosion-proof switch Contact-type switch has a low response speed, poor accuracy, contact detection is easy to damage the test object and short life and other shortcomings, and the role of the transistor close to the switch is short, can not directly detect non-metallic materials. However, the new photoelectric switch is to overcome the shortcomings, and small size, multi-function, long life, high precision, fast response, detection distance and anti-light, electricity, magnetic interference ability.
Toggle switch type and mechanical performance specifications of the toggle switch is by turning the switch handle to make the circuit connected or disconnected, so as to achieve the purpose of switching the circuit. Toggle switch commonly used varieties are unipolar double, monopolar three, bipolar double and bipolar three, etc., it is generally used for low-voltage circuit, with slider action flexibility, stable and reliable performance characteristics.

1, caution with the chemical toggle switch base due to the use of synthetic resins such as polycarbonate, it should avoid exposure to the potentiometer ammonia, amine, alkali solution, sulfur, ketones, esters, halogen and other chemicals strong atmosphere in.
2, caution Solder solder should avoid the use of water-soluble flux, otherwise it will constitute the toggle switch metal and other materials have a negative impact.
3, solder wiring design and solder method should be avoided, melting tin flow to the PC board on the plane, this will cause poor contact.
4, low temperature work When the product is used in low temperature environment, such as the car with a car or car audio, etc., the company according to customer requirements to provide comfortable products, please specify when ordering.
5, the length of the slider length as short as possible (at least 5mm) in the slider width A constant circumstances, the shorter the length of the handle, feel better, the other point of the higher points, feel worse.
6, the drive arm must not keep the operating point away from the center line of the handle, for the same reason, the distance between the two B as short as possible.


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