What are the categories of touch switches?


What are the categories of touch switches?


There are many types of touch switch, such as equilateral standard type, ultra-thin type of patch, sealed type straight, long life flat and so on.

First, the equilateral standard type
The surface shape of the square, and the implementation of the body in the top of the standard type, it is an equilateral standard type touch switch. There are many kinds of touch switches, such as: 6.0 * 6.0, 12.0 * 12.0, 6.2 * 6.2,5.2 * 5.2,4.9 * 4.9,7.2 * 7.2 and so on, in addition, they have SMD (SMD) Type (DIP) two. Applicable to a variety of operation panels, a wide range of applications.

Second, ultra-thin patch type
  Its pin for the patch type, and the height of only 0.8mm, it is ultra-thin patch-type touch switch. Its ultra-thin features make it suitable for high-density installations.

Third, the sealed type
The use of sealed structure, the pin is in-line, it is sealed in-line touch switch. Dust, waterproof ability, in the air conditioning, washing machines and other appliances used in a wide range of equipment.

Fourth, long life flat type
Life up to 1 million times, the executive body for the standard flat, so for the long life flat touch switch. Its contact with stainless steel silver-plated material, reducing the on-resistance, greatly enhanced conduction reliability. Applicable to industrial machinery processing machine tool panel, home appliances equipment applications.

Five, short trip patch
Actuator travel is only .15 +/- .05mm, pin for the patch, it is a short stroke patch touch switch. Its short trip also determines its high service life of 200,000 times. Widely used in automotive equipment, such as car anti-theft remote control and so on.

Six, LED high insulation resistance type
Circuit with a light-emitting diode, coupled with its insulation resistance of more than 1000MΩ, it is LED high insulation resistance type touch switch. Widely used in digital audio and video.

Seven, horizontal operation type in-line
Actuator on the side, and the pin is in-line, so the horizontal operation of the in-line touch switch. Four pins, two of which are fixed and grounded, and the other two are contact terminals. It is widely used in communication equipment.

Eight, double role button single pole double throw type
There are double actuator, the contact for the single-pole double throw, so double-acting button single-pole double-throw type touch switch. Its insulation resistance up to 1000MΩ, widely used in automotive equipment.


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