5 Features of Good Slide Switches You Need to Know About

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Slide switches are electromechanical actuators that control the electric pathway's current flow (circuit). It is a controlling device to open and close the current flow. Hence its ability to move on or off the electric circuit is named to slide switch.

The sliding feature enables the switches to move from one state to another. Slide switches are manually operated to open or close the current flow of a circuit. Good slide switches make the circuit connected or disconnected with its single sliding action depending on the control system.

Things to know about good slide switches

The fundamentals we should know about good slide switches are as follows.

Working of slide switches

Slide switches work on the principle of conversion, i.e., the switch converts the closed pathway into an open one and vice versa with the help of a slider. They control the current passage within a circuit and change its position from on to off when needed.

Basic elements of slide switches

Slide switches are made up of two basic elements.

· Metal slider

· Seesaw metal

Different types of slide switches are designed which are specific in their functions.

· SPDT slide switches

· SPST slide switches

· DPST to create or break the circuit

· DPDT slide switches with six terminals

Slide Switch SK-42F01 2P2T Rigt Angle with 12P 5MM KNOB SK-42F01G5

5 features of good slide switches

Hooked terminals

While designing slide switches, different types of terminals are made to make them a proper controlling system. Terminals are hooked either inside the circuit or outside for efficient current flow and to avoid short circuits.

If a slide switch has appropriate terminals hooked properly, it would be a good slide switch. Terminals are always fixed in a way that, from one side, they get voltage and ground from the other side.

Electrical contact

The metal slider makes the sliding contact by contacting all the flat metal elements of the switch to open the circuit for the current flow.

Also, the movement of seesaw metal with the spring to pull or push down to contact the metal elements of the switch enable current to pass through the circuit. Hence electrical contact is a special feature of slide switches to make the switch active.

Manual operator

Slide switches are designed to operate manually. For the manual sliding of switches to control the current flow of a circuit, a handle is fixed onto the slider as a manual operator.

Panel mount slide switches

Good slide switches are designed by installing a panel mount terminal in them. Mounting is a protective feature of any slide switch.

Electrical and mechanical lifespan

Whenever a slide switch is designed, a unique feature of electrical specifications is installed in the mechanical piece of the device (switch). Electrical specifications are;

· Maximum current flow

· Maximum AC voltage

· Maximum DC voltage

· Maximum mechanical lifespan

The feature of maximum mechanical lifespan than the electrical of slide switches makes them good enough for maximum AC and DC voltage to flow.

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