Care and Maintenance of TYPE-C Port

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USB-C ports also known as TYPE-C ports are steadily exposed to the possibility of being filled with dirties debris and dust.


This is easily understood from certain actions such as putting your smartphone in your pocket or in your bag which may have entrapped dirties that can easily penetrate the minute openings of the phone.

The consequence of this is that you will notice that that the USB cable does not fit into it firmly again or there could be some difficulties charging your phone.

If you are experiencing this, one thing is very urgent which is the cleaning of the TYPE-C port to get rid of the dirties.

While taking care of the port is very important, sourcing for a genuine and quality one is far more important.

Hence, you need to partner with a trusted and reliable TYPE-C port manufacturer for your supplies.

If you want to remove the trapped dirties from the TYPE-C port, you have to do so with utmost care to avoid damaging sensitive parts of the device.

When doing this, you shouldn’t use any metallic objects such as a knife or pushpin. However, you can employ other means such as the use of an air compressor and toothpick.



The following are the procedure taken to remove specks of dust, debris, and dust trapped in TYPE-C port:

1. Always begin with the use of an air compressor. The air can unbinds and expel the debris without inserting any object in the port.

You can use straw-like materials to blow air into the port but make sure there is no liquid trapped in it.

The use of an air compressor without any trace of liquid can be utilized as well. To cut down on the cost of maintenance, an inexpensive can of compacted air can be utilized. 

2. In case not all the dust or dirties were blown out, one can then use the toothpick method. You can start by cutting it to a thinner end using a modeling knife. On the other hand, disposable plastic tooth fur which looks thinner can work effectively.

3. Cautiously insert the thinned toothpick or plastic tooth fur in the port and use it to remove the dirties found on both edges of the pivotal electrical point located at the center of the port.

4. The process is concluded by blasting air into the port to completely expel any leftover debris after being broken up using the toothpick.


To avoid continual exposure of your TYPE-C port to dirt and dust, you can modify the carriage pattern of the device. It can be put inside a clean pocket or bag inverted such that the port moves in last.

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