Different Types Of Discrete Electronic Components

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Electronic devices have been found in all facets of lives because of their widespread application. Living without most of these devices is like sending us back to our forefather’s era.


Their applications range from healthcare to aviation industries. On the whole, the technological revolution is a great blessing to humankind.


Electronic devices are compost of discrete electronic components that made up a circuit. These circuits are the heartbeat of all electronic appliances.


Most electronic circuit is designed to control electronic devices' performance by directing the appropriate amount of electric current required for the computation, signal intensification, and data transmission.


Electronic circuits are made up of capacitor, resistor, transistor, diode, relay, inductor, and quartz crystal. Traces of conductive wires connect these discrete electronic components.


Thus, a complete circuit is defined by its connection. In other words, if the connection start and end at the same point, creating a loop.


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Below are handy information on different types of discrete electronic components.


Types of Electronic Components

1. Capacitor

A capacitor is a two-terminal passage in an electronic component that saves energy electrostatically in an electrical field.


To a layman, it can be referred to as a rechargeable or power-driven battery that supplies energy.


Capacitors are in different figures and sizes but the same essential components. Capacitors are compost of two electrical plates disjointed by an insulator.


The electrical plates are made up of aluminum foil or metal plates.


The insulator is usually a non-conductors such as plastic film, paper, ceramic, mica, or glass

It is used to regulate energy and power flow in power conduction systems. Its main function in the alternating current system is by correcting the power factor.


It helps in preventing any power drop in a microcontroller.


2. Resistor

A resistor is a two-terminal passage electronic gadget that repels current flow. It is considered as the simple element in an electric circuit.


It is found in almost all electric circuits. Resistor customarily comes in color-coded.


A resistor is basically used for stopping the flow of electric current. It is an electrical device with a passive two-terminal. Resistors are usually one of the simplest component of an electric circuit.


It is also one of the most common components, as resistance is an inherent element of nearly all electronic circuits. They are customarily color-coded.


A resistor is not an elaborate gadget due to the fact that all conductors possessed resistance. However, a capacitor comprises a Constantine wire made of copper bound around an insulator.


The thinness and the turns of the wire are relative to the resistance. The more the turns, the greater the resistance.


The resistor applications are numerous, ranging from dividing voltage, current flow, and rheostat network.


Resistor reducing the current flow by preventing overheating in the circuit.


3. Diode

A diode is a device that allows the passage of current flow in a particular direction. It is an electric corresponding of one path. It is used in a circuit to convert AC into DC.


However, most electronic components supplier designed diodes from semiconductor materials.


There are two types of diodes, namely semiconductor and vacuum diodes. A vacuum diode comprises anode and cathode electrodes, while a semiconductor diode is made up of p and n-type.


It is manufacture with silicon, although most manufacturers used selenium and germanium to make the diode.


· It is used in rectifying alternating current power to direct current power.

· In a solar panel, bypass diodes protect solar panels by preventing overheating caused by a damaged solar cell.


4. Switches 

Switches are used to cut off the current supply in the circuit. A typical example of a switch is a tact switch.  


It comprises four main components: base, plunger, contact dome, and cover. They apply to TV sets, radio, phones, toys, etc.


5. Connector

Connectors, including phone connectors, are a group of electronic connectors commonly applicable for analog audio indicators.


Two types of a phone jack connector – surface mount and snap-in. These connectors help in establishing stable and good signals.


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