How To Clean Charging Port Type-c?

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Do you know how to clean charging port type-c? We often overlook the issue of cleanliness. Today we will look at how to solve this problem.


Taking the mobile phone as an example, the dust cleaning method of the type-C charging port is as follows:


1. If there is only some dust at the charging port of the mobile phone, just blow the interface with a hair dryer.

2. If there is a lot of dust on the charging port of the mobile phone, you can use a toothpick to pick out the dust on the interface first.

3. Then wipe the charging port with a cotton swab. 

4. If there is no cotton swab, you can use one corner of the paper to get the dirt off the charging port.


USB type-C, referred to as type-C, is a hardware interface form of universal serial bus (USB), and its specification is published by USB Developer Forum (usb-if). It is characterized by thinner design, faster transmission speed (usb3.1 up to 10Gbps) and stronger power transmission (up to 100W). More importantly, the type-C plug-in interface supports double-sided insertion of USB interface, which officially solves the worldwide problem of "USB is never inserted". After the release of USB type-C specification, many new 3C devices such as Android mobile devices, laptops, desktops and even game consoles began to use this connection port.


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