How to maintain the motor in winter?

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At the beginning of winter, I believe that many car owners have encountered these situations, such as the motor cannot start, the engine stalls when changing gears, etc. So how does Motor prevent these problems?


It is difficult for a motor to start cold. The main reason is that the temperature of the motor is too low. So as long as we keep the motor warm and not let the biting cold wind blow directly into the motor cabin, we can avoid being unable to hit the car.


Therefore, pay attention to the direction of the front of the car when parking in winter. It is best to keep the front of the car facing the building and use the building to block the wind to prevent the engine from being over-cooled by the cold wind.


When parking at night, you can face the front of the car toward the sun, so that the first ray of sunlight in the morning can shine on the front of the car, helping the engine to heat up, and getting out of the car is much easier. In normal times, you should also go to the designated service station to check and adjust regularly, and the motor will turn off when you change gears.


The motor stalls when shifting gears. It may be because the idle speed is too low at that time, or the idle stop valve is not tightened, it may be that the gear is too high and it is blocked, and there may be a serious blockage of the oil and gas separator. Usually, the first gear is basically used when starting, check the idle speed stop valve to see if it is tightened, and the plug is plugged in. At the same time, it is best to go to the designated service station to clean the oil and gas separator.


In addition, the fuel system fuel must be cleaned regularly. In the process of supplying the combustion chamber to the combustion chamber through the oil circuit, colloids and carbon deposits will inevitably form, which will deposit in the oil passages, carburetor, fuel injectors and combustion chambers, interfere with the flow of fuel, destroy the normal air-fuel ratio, and make fuel Poor atomization causes motor surging, knocking, unstable idling, poor acceleration and other malfunctions.


Use the fuel system's powerful and efficient cleaning agent to clean the fuel system and control the generation of carbon deposits, which can always keep the motor in its best condition.


Regular replacement of oil and oil filter element is also an important process for daily maintenance of the engine. During the use of any quality grade of engine oil, the oil quality will change. After reaching a certain mileage, the mechanical parts will wear out, which will cause malfunctions to the motor and reduce its performance. In order to avoid malfunctions, the oil should be changed regularly in combination with the mileage, and the amount of oil should be moderate.


When the oil passes through the pores of the filter, solid particles and viscous substances in the oil will accumulate in the filter. If the filter is clogged and the oil cannot pass through the filter element, it will burst the filter element or open the safety valve. Passing through the bypass valve will still bring dirt back to the lubrication part, which will aggravate engine wear. Therefore, the oil filter element should be cleaned or replaced regularly.


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