How To Measure A Tactile Switch

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Though a tactile switch is small, it plays a vital role as one of the basic components in the device. It has the power to regulate the perception of the quality of the device.


Choosing a good tactile switch allows the device to work perfectly. However, the selection of a bad switch is equivalent to a bad device because the device will not work properly.


So, what is crucial here is the ability to select the right switch. This will save you the stress of device malfunction.


How will I get the right tactile switch? Is the question that runs through the mind of many people. Well, what makes a tactile switch right for a device will help you to get the right one.


The right tactile switch requires the deflection characteristics and actuation force that meet the requirement of the device. The switch has to reliably work for the functionality of the device.


Tactile switch a component that must be selected carefully. Getting the best tactile switch button that comes with the right feel requires proper measures. Here are the measures you should consider.


The Actuation Characteristics Dialing in

One must understand the value as well as the limitations of the actuation force requirement. There is a click ratio formula that can make the work easy. The click formula is as follows:

Factuator force – Freturn or contact force / Factuator force x 100

The above formula expresses the relationship that connects the actuation force with the contact or return force. Every switch has actuation force characteristics that this formula expresses. A higher ratio shows a snappier or crisper switch feel.


A portable electronic device will need a crisp switch with a high ratio and a short distance of travel. Suitable switches for automotive are switches with a lower click ratio with longer distance.


The lower click ratio and a longer distance are to avoid accidental actuation when driving. Knowing these differences enable proper measuring of a tactile switch. Besides, there must be balances between the travel distance and the actuation forces.

For your best feeling, dialing in should start with a proper travel specification and a review of force. However, ensure that the selection of the tactile switch takes into consideration the feeling and specifications.


Improvement of Reliability

The reliability of the tactile switch is very essential. Irrespective of the switch feeling, the switch should have a longer duration. An ideal switch should have a working life expectancy of 100,000 – 1,000,000 press and release rounds.


Furthermore, tactile switches have a wide variance in the market. Different manufacturers are manufacturing different qualities of tactile switches. While selecting it, check the datasheet to know the estimated lifecycle of the switch.


Contaminants are key factors for switch failure in devices. A good tactile switch should meet the IP 67 switch protection standard. This protection staandard is against liquid infiltration and dust.


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