How To Read Date Codes On Electronic Components

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Do you know when the electronic components you are handling were produced? As an expert, the duration of each component is as important as the electronic because any fault in one component will affect the whole device.


Interestingly, electronic components come with a date code. The date code contains information that is important to both you and the manufacturer.


It is good to buy China electronic components from a reliable and reputable manufacturer. They come with a date code that has vital information about the component. When you purchase it, you are sure of the information on it.

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Steps On How To Read Date Codes

The following steps will help you to read date codes on electronic components:

· Check the electronic components for the date code inscription by the manufacturer.

· The date code is a four-digit number. For example, 0443.

· The format of the date code is mostly in the form of a YYWW format.

· The first two digits (YY) represents the last two digits of the year while the last two digits (WW) stand for the week of the year.

· For example, 0443 represents week 43 of 2004.


Vital Information To Note

Sometimes, manufacturers use another format that is different from the general format. However, it is expected that the manufacturer defines the date code format for clarity.



The three-digit codes format such as 342 is interpreted as follows:

§ The first represents the year while the last two digits denote the number of the week.

§ 342 represents 42 weeks of 2003



The five-digit codes format such as 31203 is interpreted as follows:

§ The first digit represents the year, the second digits denote the month and the last two digits denote the day.

§ 31203 represents 3rd December 2003.


Date codes marking on any electronic component must be legible with the exact information about the component. This is to avoid misinforming the general public about the component.


Benefits of Date Code

The essence of date code is numerous and very important to customers, regulatory agencies, and the manufacturer. The following are some of the importance:

§ Date Code enables clients to know the manufacturing period of the electronic component was produced.

§ The date code has an inscription of the company that produced the component. The information makes it possible to trace the component to the manufacturer.

§ Date code gives expert reliable information that is necessary to take a crucial decision.

§ Date code enables manufacturers to know the specific component that has faults when customers send feedback to them.

§ In airspace, flight controllers rely on the date code of electronic components to investigate the cause of malfunctioning or failure of the system.

§ In picky circuits, date code facilitates the troubleshooting process of the circuit.

§ Date code facilitate quality control by manufacturers


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