Introduction and Precautions of Rocker Switch

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Rocker switches are also called rocker switches. Its structure is the same as that of the button switch, the difference is that the handle of the button has been changed to a ship shape. Rocker switches are usually used as power switches for electronic equipment. Its contact points are divided into single pole single throw (SPDT) and double pole double throw (DPDT). Some switches also have indicator lights.


One advantage of the rocker switch is that it will not be accidentally activated because it is not prominent. In fact, someone needs to press the switch to turn it on or off. This is why the rocker switch is popularly used to control lights and electrical appliances when the rocker switch is in a position where it may be pushed or hit. As long as the rocker is large, the rocker switch is easier to operate for people without fine motor control, because there is no need to grasp and operate the toggle switch.


Rocker switches can contain many functions. Some displays have indicators to indicate whether the switch is on or off, and the switch can also be lit to indicate whether the switch is on or off. For example, many basic rocker switches have a small light that will be activated when the switch is turned on, while more complex switches can have lights that turn on and off at the same time. The size and shape of the rocker itself can also be changed from a relatively flat plane to a more obvious shape.

 Rocker Switch

Rocker switches can also be connected to multiple switch systems. This system is particularly suitable for lighting. With multiple switches, different switch control circuits can be used from several different positions. This can make the space safer and more usable. For example, someone can turn on the lights at the bottom of a set of stairs for viewing, and turn off the lights at the top of the stairs when they are no longer needed.


When someone needs to repair or replace a rocker switch or any other type of switch, the circuit power should be cut off to ensure that there is no electric shock. This can be done on a circuit breaker or fuse box. For families with many people, you can put a note on the box to indicate that someone is using electricity, and any settings in the box must not be changed.


Precautions for the connection of the rocker switch:


1. The use area of each switch is different. If the switch wire is connected in the bathroom, be aware that the bathroom is wet, so install a waterproof cover outside when wiring to prevent water vapor from entering and causing a short circuit.


2. Wiring should be based on people's living habits. Many people are not left-handed, but switch the lights with their right hands. Generally, put the switch on the left side of the door.


3. The installation position of the switch also has certain requirements. If an air conditioner switch is installed, the distance from the ground is generally about 1.5 meters.

 Rocker Switch

4. If it is a refrigerator socket switch, it should be about 0.5 meters above the ground and not too high.


If you want to wire the rocker switch, the process is neither too much nor too complicated. We only need to distinguish between the neutral wire and the live wire, and the wiring can be done correctly. We need to make sure that it can be connected in place without looseness.


Features of rocker switch:

1. 100% brand new and high quality.

2. Easy to install and use.

3. Easy structure, mini body.


I hope that our introduction and precautions for rocker switches can help you. If you want to know anything about rocker switches, you can visit our website and you are welcome to contact us.




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