Tact Switch Selection Guide

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Tact switch (commonly referred to as tactile switch) can be found on almost all computing appliances.


Some of such appliances include keyboards, mobile phones, mice, TV sets, set-up boxes, monitors, cell phones and even children’s toys. 


Tact switches have the main purpose of closing an electrical circuit when an individual presses their buttons; when the individual presses the button, a tact switch turns on, and when he/she releases the button, the switches turn off. 


It is amazing how vastly tactile switches are used seeing as they are very tiny switches places on top of PCBs and produce a very distinct feeling when they are pressed. 


Other areas that tact switches are largely needed include aviation and aerospace, defence and communication. 


This is why choosing an appropriate tact switch is not merely a walk in the park, and as many engineers have realized by now, they can stop working and choosing a new one that will last long takes skill and accurate information.


Accurate information on tact switches and on selecting the most appropriate one for any of the listed devices above will save any individual a lot of stress.


Yet, overall, an essential point to note is that tact switches must only be purchased from the most reliable tact switch suppliers.



Below are three major factors that must be put into consideration when selecting a tact switch.

The specific type of tact switch that is needed:

To ensure that the best tact switch is selected, a precise knowledge of the variances of tact switches must be known.


Tact switches have a variance called key switches which are specifically designed for keypads keyboards.

 Water-proof & Dust-proof Type

The popular tact switches (that are not key switches) are mostly designed for interface-control panel applications, instruments, keypads and keyboards.


Both of these variances produce a tactile feedback indicating that the button has made contact with the PCB (Printed Circuit Board)


The accompanying accessories

Dome switches are the most popular accompanying accessory with a tact switch.


Dome switches are of two major types: automated dome placement systems and dome placement pens.


The former is mostly used to set a large number of tactile metal domes on membranes, PCBs or flex circuits while the latter a device that is handheld and used to place metal domes manually. 


The testing standards

There are two major standards. They include: 


ASTM F1997 (to identify the switch teasing amount): this is a method of testing to establish the approach for releasing and depressing tactile membrane switch 


EIA-498B000: This specification (which is sectional) makes up the restricted scope of touch stroke tactile sense switch panels.


This is the foundation for a special type of circuit boards called etched types printed circuit boards.


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