The Audio Phone Jack: What you need to know

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Purchasing the wrong audio phone jack is always a disaster and a terrible thing, some people fell victim to buying the wrong audio phone jack, they only discovered when they got home.


Buying a wrong cable is one of the easiest errors you can make and this is as a result of it many audio phone jack and connector types in the market called many incorrect names.

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To save you from buying the wrong audio phone jack, you need to know the different types available in the market and by this, you will know the one that will be suitable for you.


Moreover, for a correct and quality audio phone jack purchasing from a reliable and experienced phone jack supplier is the most recommended option for the best connection.


Types of Audio Phone Jack

1. The 1/4-inch or Quarter-Inch Jack Connector

This is the popular connection that can be seen on a musical instrument. This jack is the type of connection that is used on guitar amps and guitar and they are electric.


Its plug is 6.3mm or ¼-inch jack and it also has a black hoop known as an insulating ring that is around its tip.


These features show that it is mono and can be called a single channel connection. It can be found like instrument cables which can be applied as an instrument and line-level connections; it can be used as speaker cable for fixing speaker to amps and guitar.


2. The 1/4-inch Balanced Jack also called Stereo Jack Connector

The plug has the same size as the 1/4-inch or Quarter-Inch Jack Connector.  One quarter (1/4) inch balanced jack produced by the best phone jack suppliers as a connection which is skilled with conveying two channels of audio like a stereo signal which has a different left and right channel and this happens through ring, sleeve and tip design.


Also, the plug split using two black hoops.  The ring is the part that comes after the first black hoop when the sleeve comes after the second, the pointed end is the tip.  


The ring and tip will convey the right and left channel signal and the sleeve serves like common earth.


3. The Stereo Mini-jack Connector

It is the most popular audio connection, this is the plug that is popularly seen on MP3 player headphones and its connection is very small.


It has a 3.5mm plug, it is a TRS assemblage that has two rings called insulation.

Also, right and left channels will be conveyed using the tip and basically the ring and sleeve as a popular ground.


It is mostly used for small music player headphones and also used for fixing MP3 player to stereos of cars and for computer audio connection.


4. The Radio Corporation of America (RCA) Connector

This is a type of audio phone jack used mostly in home audio instruments and in Hi-fi.


This type is called a phono connection. This type can be seen in Hi-Fi equipment, audio interfaces, DJ Mixers.


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