What Are Types of Phone Jacks?

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Phones are mostly used as a means of communication. Aside from communication usage, phones can as well be used while relaxing such as listening to music, playing games, and watching movies, among others.

Phone jacks are sometimes referred to as phone plugs, phone connectors, or audio jacks. Phone jacks are mostly used in audio applications. There are different varieties of phone jacks such as sub-miniature, and standard phone jacks, among others.

In this article, we will buttress more on the varieties and some common types of phone jacks.

Types of Phone Jacks

Phone jacks come with a single cylindrical barrel and have a tip called the groove which aids in providing memory in a socket.

Most phone jacks have multiple pins with varieties of sections which aids in providing different contacts. Below are some examples of phone jacks commonly used worldwide:

1. Standard Jack

This type of jack is the most widely used jack and was the very first type of jack that came with a guitar and has microphone audio. It comes with two common varieties which are, the high-quality phone jacks and the contact versions.

2. Miniature Jack

This type of standard-size jack is mostly used for smaller phones and earpieces alongside music players and mobile phones.

3. Sub-miniature Jack

The sub-miniature jack is not very common. Its usage can be found primarily on equipment where size is essential.

3.5 Aperture plug-in 8P earphone socket with switch rear single row foot plastic head HY-307GS1

4. RCA RC92 Phone Jack

RCA RC92 phone jack is one of the most effective phone jack systems. One of its basic merits is that it is easy to install. Its process of installation is very easy, all you need to do is to plug the base and its extension into its respective outlets. It also contains a long-life span built-in-surge.

Some of its basic features are:

i. Easy light indicators

ii. Well-situated installation

iii. Give space for the addition of more extension units

5. Philips PH0900 Phone Jack

This type of phone jack can be plugged into any AC outlet without working the time limit and costly phone wires through your place of residence. Some of its basic features are:

i. It helps in supporting all phone outlets

ii. It is also very easy to use

iii. AC outlets can be turned into phone jacks

6. Phonex PX-441 Phone Jack

PhonexPX-441phone jack helps in securing the connection between the base and extension units. It also comes with one of the top-tier securities which helps in ensuring an uninterrupted connection.

Some of its basic features are:

i. It is easy to move around the house

ii. It connects automatically

iii. The security codes ensure maximum privacy.

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Phone jack usage cannot be overemphasized. It comes in different varieties. Phone jacks can as well be connected to the transmitter unit for flexibility purposes.

Having gone through the various type of phone jacks in this article, phone jack types are not limited to the listed types in this article. Why not  contact us for more information?


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