What is a slide switch and what is the principle of a slide switch?

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What is a slide switch? What is the principle of the slide switch? Next, I will introduce what is a slide switch and the principle of a slide switch.


What is a slide switch?


A slide switch is a switch in which the button handle has a contact, and the position of the sliding point is used to make the movable contact piece contact with two sets of static contact pieces to switch the circuit. Its static contact piece and moving contact piece are respectively located on the insulating seat and the button handle. Its application is affected by various factors such as airflow, pressure difference, voltage, fluid rebound, installation method, direction, etc. It is generally used in low-voltage circuits because of its small size, high slider sensitivity, accurate switching point, stable and reliable , Is widely used in various instruments and electronic products such as fax machines, multi-function telephones, radios, and electric toys.

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The slide switch has a variety of switches such as two-pole, three-pole, four-pole, and six-pole. The number of positions usually has two and three positions. Because of its small number and number of positions, it is more suitable for use in simple circuits. In addition, its contact form can generally be divided into sliding type, plunge type, butt type; jumping mechanism has double-ball compression spring type, heart type, single-ball compression spring type, of which the double-ball compression spring switch is in the sliding button handle At this time, due to the force of the compression spring, the steel ball quickly enters other positioning grooves to realize the switch conversion.


Slide switch principle


There is a slider inside the sliding switch, which is driven in different ways during operation, and the slider is driven to make the slider move, and the switch contacts are turned on or off, thereby playing the role of a switch. It can also be said that by pushing the button handle equipped with the movable contact to slide, the movable contact piece is connected from one set of static contact pieces to another set of static contact pieces to realize the switch of circuit switching.

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Precautions for the installation of the sliding switch When installing the sliding switch, pay attention to distinguish the wiring positions of the live wire and the neutral wire, and must not install the wrong position, so as not to affect the safe use of the circuit. The installation height is also worth noting. Usually this kind of switch is not installed individually, it is usually in the form of multiple installations in a row. The height of the concealed switch from the ground is about 1.2m-1.4m, and the horizontal distance from the door frame is 150mm- 200mm, the surface mounted switch should pay attention to the outer cover of insulating protective shell.


After my introduction above, I think you should know what a sliding switch is and its working principle. If you want to buy a slide switch, you are welcome to contact us.


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