Black door lock switch self locking snap switch HY-PR01 Black door lock switch self locking snap switch HY-PR01

push switch is a kind of switch that uses button to push transmission mechanism to make moving contact and static contact press on or off and realize circuit switching. Button switch is a kind of simple structure and widely used master electrical appliances.

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Push switch is a simple structure and widely used master device. It is used to send control signals to control contactors, relays, electromagnetic starters, etc.

According to the use and structure of contact: 

(1) normally open button 

(2) normally closed button 

(3) compound button

According to operation mode and protection mode, buttons can be classified according to operation mode and protection mode

(1) Open type: it is suitable for mounting and fixing on the panel of switch board, control cabinet or console. The code is K.

(2) Protective type: with protective shell, it can prevent the button parts inside from mechanical damage or people touching the live parts, code H.

(3) Waterproof type: with sealed shell, can prevent rainwater intrusion. The code is s.

(4) Anti corrosion type: can prevent the invasion of chemical corrosive gas. The code is f.

(5) Explosion proof type: it can be used in places with explosive gas and dust without causing explosion, such as coal mines and other places. The code is B.

(6) Button with light: the button is equipped with a signal light, which is not only used to issue operation commands, but also used as signal indication, and is mostly used on the panel of control cabinet and console. The code is d.

(7) Key type: the key is inserted and rotated for operation, which can prevent misoperation or be operated by special personnel. The code is y.

(8) Emergency type: there is a big red mushroom button protruding outside, which is used to cut off the power supply in case of emergency. The code is j or m.

(9) Self supporting button: the button is equipped with self-supporting electromagnetic mechanism, which is mainly used in power plant, substation or test equipment. The operator exchanges signals and sends instructions, etc., generally for panel operation. The code is Z. 

(10) Knob type: rotate the operating contact with the handle, with two positions of on and off, generally panel mounted. The code is X.

(11) Combination type: combination of multiple buttons. The code is e.

(12) Interlock type: multiple contacts interlock with each other. The code is off, on.


Product Name : PUSH SWITCH



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