3-pin side plug with positioning column TACT SWITCH HY-D58WA 3-pin side plug with positioning column TACT SWITCH HY-D58WA

Tact switch (commonly referred to as tactile switch) can be found on almost all computing appliances. Some of such appliances include keyboards, mobile phones, mice, TV sets, set-up boxes, monitors, cell phones and even children’s toys. etc.Also a great component for DIY.

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Push switch is a simple structure and widely used master device. It is used to send control signals to control contactors, relays, electromagnetic starters, etc.

According to the use and structure of contact: 

(1) normally open button 

(2) normally closed button 

(3) compound button

According to operation mode and protection mode, buttons can be classified according to operation mode and protection mode

(1) Open type: it is suitable for mounting and fixing on the panel of switch board, control cabinet or console. The code is K.

(2) Protective type: with protective shell, it can prevent the button parts inside from mechanical damage or people touching the live parts, code H.

(3) Waterproof type: with sealed shell, can prevent rainwater intrusion. The code is s.

(4) Anti corrosion type: can prevent the invasion of chemical corrosive gas. The code is f.

(5) Explosion proof type: it can be used in places with explosive gas and dust without causing explosion, such as coal mines and other places. The code is B.

(6) Button with light: the button is equipped with a signal light, which is not only used to issue operation commands, but also used as signal indication, and is mostly used on the panel of control cabinet and console. The code is d.

(7) Key type: the key is inserted and rotated for operation, which can prevent misoperation or be operated by special personnel. The code is y.

(8) Emergency type: there is a big red mushroom button protruding outside, which is used to cut off the power supply in case of emergency. The code is j or m.

(9) Self supporting button: the button is equipped with self-supporting electromagnetic mechanism, which is mainly used in power plant, substation or test equipment. The operator exchanges signals and sends instructions, etc., generally for panel operation. The code is Z. 

(10) Knob type: rotate the operating contact with the handle, with two positions of on and off, generally panel mounted. The code is X.

(11) Combination type: combination of multiple buttons. The code is e.

(12) Interlock type: multiple contacts interlock with each other. The code is off, on.


Product Name : PUSH SWITCH



Operating Temperature Range:     -30 to 70℃(normal humidity, normal press.) 


Storage Temperature Range:       -40 to 80℃(normal humidity, normal press.)

TYPE OF ACTUATION :               Push feedback 



Stop Strength

Placing the switch such that the direction of switch operation is vertical,a static load of   1 kgf shall be applied in the direction of stem operation for a period of 60 seconds.

There shall be no sign of damage mechanically and electrically.

Stem Strength

Placing the switch such that the direction of switch operation is vertical, the maximum force to withstand a pull applied oppsite to the direction of stem operation shall be measured.

    1   kgf


Oven Temperature:260℃±5℃,Time: 5S±1S

Tin Area:90%

patience high temperature

Preheat: Temperature on the copper foil surface should reach 180℃, 2±0.3 minutes after

The P.W.B entered into the soldering equipment

Soldering heat: Temperature on the copper foil surface should reach the peak temperature of

260℃ within 5 seconds after the P.B.W entered into soldering heat zone.

Surface of plastics don’t frothed And formed

Other precautions:

                      (1) Following the soldering process,do not try to clean the switch with a solv ent or the like.

                      (2) Safeguard the switch assembly against flux penetration from its topside.

                      (3) Please have the products keep in close status and the storage time is 90 days guaranty                                                                   after delivering the goods at most.


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