Pogo-pin for 2.5 pitch 5p battery PG-P0374-05 Pogo-pin for 2.5 pitch 5p battery PG-P0374-05

Pogo pin is a kind of precise connector used in mobile phone and other electronic products. It is widely used in semiconductor equipment to connect.

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Pogo pin is a kind of precision connector used in mobile phones and other electronic products, which is widely used in semiconductor devices.

Pogo pin is a kind of spring probe, which is made up of needle shaft, spring and needle tube and pre pressed by precision instrument. There is a precision spring structure in pogo pin. The surface coating of pogo pin is generally gold-plated, which can better improve its anti-corrosion function, mechanical properties, electrical properties and so on. The needle tip has pointed needle, grasping needle, round needle, knife needle and so on. Pogo pin is generally used in precision connection of mobile phone, communication, automobile, medical, aerospace and other electronic products, which can improve the corrosion resistance, stability and durability of these connectors. Because pogo pin is a very fine probe, it can reduce the weight and appearance volume of the connector and make the connector more fine and beautiful.


Product Name : POGO PIN 



1.Technical Specifications(技术规范):


Rubber core(胶芯): PPA BLAC(黑色)

Barr(管): Brass C3604(黄铜C3604)

Plunge(针轴): Brass c3604(黄铜C3604)




Rated current B voltage: DC12V, 1A Max


Contact resistance:50 milliohm maximum at working height(quiescence)


Insulation resistances :1000MΩ Min

(绝缘电阻  :≥1000MΩ)

Withstand Voltage: 200VAC/ minute


3. Mechanical(机械特性):

Working Height(工作高度): 4.10 mm

Spring Farce: 70g±20g at Working Height


Durability(使用寿命):10,000 cycles( min imum)

4. environment(环境)

Withstanding High Temperature :280℃

Operational Temperature: -20℃~+70℃

5. To ensure the beat usage. please operate It based on the working height Based on the engineering drawings, shall not exceed the maximum allowed compression(以确保最佳的使用状态,请在工程图规定的工作高度范围内使用,不得超过最大的压缩行程)


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