4-hole upper white lower red all inclusive AV seat RCA-426 4-hole upper white lower red all inclusive AV seat RCA-426

RCA terminal, commonly known as plum blossom head and lotus head, is a kind of widely used terminal, which can be used in analog video / audio (e.g. AV terminal (three color line)), digital audio (e.g. s / PDIF) and color difference component (e.g. color difference terminal) transmission.

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Easy structure, mini body,

RCA socket is called lotus socket in Chinese. It can be used not only in audio but also in general video signal. Now it is one of the most widely used audio / video terminals in the world.

RCA Audio terminals are generally marked in pairs with different colors: red for right channel (or "R" for "right") and black or white for left channel. Sometimes, the connection lines of the center and surround channels will be marked with other colors to facilitate the distinction of wiring. However, all RCA connectors in the whole system have the same electrical performance. Generally speaking, RCA stereo audio cable is a group of left and right channels, and each channel is a line in appearance.



Product Name :RCA JACK



   Ambient temperature Range 


   -40℃~+70℃ (Normal humidity, normal air pressure)


Test Condition

Salt spray 

48±4hours exposure to a salt spray
from the 5±1%soution at 35±2℃

Appearance:  No Damage

Contact Resisance:10M MAX  

NH3 Gas

30 minutes exposure to NH3 gas
evaporating from 28 % Ammonia

Appearance:  No Damage

Contact Resisance:10m MAX  


Soldering Time :2±0.5sec
Soldering Temperature:235±5℃
0.5mm fr0m terminal tip

Solder Wetting  90%
Resistance to  Soldering heatSoldering time :5±0.5sec Soldering temperature:235±5℃ 0.5mm from terminal tipAppearance:  No Damage


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