SMD Type Temperature-resistant 16P Double-layer SIM Card Holder SIM-10 SMD Type Temperature-resistant 16P Double-layer SIM Card Holder SIM-10

The SIM card holder contacts the SIM card through the spring on it. The SIM card holder is used in the mobile phone to provide the communication interface between the mobile phone and the SIM card.

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Memory card socket is the abbreviation of the connection port between memory card and electronic equipment. There are many kinds of memory cards (memory card sockets: SanDisk, SIM, T-Flash)!

It is mainly used in mobile phones. With the continuous improvement of storage capacity of T-Flash card, it has been widely used in GPS devices, portable music players and some flash memories.

SIM card holder classification:

1. The ordinary SIM card holder, which we call big card, is mostly self elastic, and is generally suitable for some large smart clubs.

2. Microsim card holder is a medium-sized card, which can be divided into two types: the self elastic type and the lift type (with separate belt and no detection foot). The self elastic type is mostly suitable for external card insertion, and the advantage is that the card insertion is more convenient to use. The lift type is mostly suitable for the internal part of the product, and the advantage is that it will not be out of touch due to vibration or impact.

3. Nanosim card holder, which is the smallest card holder among all chip cards at present, is divided into self elastic type, first cover type and drawer type. The selection type has the most weight surface, and self elastic type is mostly used for external card insertion mode. The advantage is that it is more convenient to insert / withdraw the card. Most of the lift type and pull type are suitable for internal use. The difference is that the lift type is used for upper card insertion, and the product is compact with insufficient peripheral space Product optimization, pull type is the side card, this product is mostly ultra-thin intelligent products optimization.


Product Name :CARD


Ratings: 1.8-3.0V (effective value)

Contact Resistance:≤100mΩ     Insulation Resistance:≥100MΩ

Dielectric voltage proof:250V AC/min

Insertion/Withdrawal Force: 0.5kg/f-4.0kg/f

Operation life:Average fault-free life 5,000 times



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