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Memory card socket is the abbreviation of the connection port between memory card and electronic equipment. There are many kinds of memory cards (memory card sockets: SanDisk, SIM, T-Flash).

When a card is inserted, both sides of the card are covered with the metal shield, which offers superior EMI resistance.The shell also allows for more robust design than that with the single-sided resin-molded shell, reducing effects of the reflow heat.

Application of memory card socket

Before, memory card socket is mainly used in mobile phones. With the continuous improvement of storage capacity of T-Flash card, memory card socket has been widely used in GPS devices, portable music players and some flash memories.

Features of memory card socket

Our compact, easy-to-use SD and SIM memory card slots, optimized for reliability and high-speed data transfer, are available in different configurations to meet the fast and compact connectivity requirements of various industries.

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