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An electrical connector is a device that connects two active devices to transmit current or signals. The electrical connector is composed of three basic units: shell, insulator and contact body. Male and female terminals can transmit information or current through contact, and are also called connectors. Electrical connectors are used extensively on circuits for communications, computers, industrial machinery, and consumer electronics. 

Benefits of electrical connectors

 1. Improve production process

 2. Easy to maintain

 3. Easy to upgrade

 4. Improve design flexibility

Types of electrical connectors

  • BTB connector

BTB connectors have the strongest transmission capacity among all connector product types at present, and can be used to connect pcb boards to achieve mechanical and electrical connections. Mainly used in network, communication, electric power, medical, industrial, financial, office and other fields.

  • FPC connector

FPC connectors, also known as flexible printed circuit boards, are made of foldable and curved materials for the connection of display screens to driving circuits. It plays an important role in many fields such as portable electronic products, communication electronic products, liquid crystal displays, measuring instruments and so on.

  • FFC connector

FFC connector is a new type of data cable that is made of PET insulating material and extremely thin tinned flat copper wire, which is pressed together by high-tech automation equipment production line, so it is also called flexible flat cable connector. It can be widely used in copiers, scanners, plotters, fax machines, audio and other products, and can play the role of signal transmission and connection to the main board.

  • WTB connector

WTB connector is especially suitable for train vehicles that require dynamic marshalling.

Homyet Parts provides series of electrical connectors, spacing ranges from 0.3mm to 2.5mm. We are one of the specialized electrical connector manufacturers in China,  providing and manufacturing wholesale high-quality electrical connectors, we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation!

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