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DC socket is a kind of socket matching with the special power supply for computer display. It is composed of transverse socket, longitudinal socket, insulating base, forked contact shrapnel and directional keyway. Two forked contact shrapnel are located in the center of the base, arranged vertically and horizontally and not connected with each other. One end of the forked contact spring piece is a wiring port, which is exposed on the top of the base cylinder for connecting the input power cord or cable. The other end of the forked contact spring piece is composed of two elastic arms interconnected with the substrate, which is set in the insulated base Jack in the direction of DC plug insertion, and is used for computer display to make it work normally.

Socket, also known as power socket. Socket refers to the socket with one or more circuit wiring which can be inserted, through which various wiring can be inserted. This makes it easier to connect with other circuits. Through the connection and disconnection between the circuit and the copper parts, the connection and disconnection of this part of the circuit can be achieved finally.

Types of AC/DC Power Jack Connector

Snap-in Type

Surface Mount Type

China AC/DC Power Jack Socket Manufacturer

As a top AC/DC power jack socket manufacturer in china, you can create the perfect link between your devices and power sources with Homyet Parts's wide selection of AC/DC power connectors, line filters and jacks. Choose from a variety of configurations to find the right product to meet your power needs. 

Product Documents of AC/DC Power Jack Socket


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