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Button switches come in various sizes and configurations. They can be push-open/push-open or momentary on and momentary off. Pushbutton switches operate in many types of electronic components, including computers, typewriter keyboards, and other similar devices. 

Types of Push Button Switch

  • Snap-in type 

  • Surface mount type

Types of Button

According to the use and structure of the buttons, we support three kinds of buttons

(1) normally open button 

(2) normally closed button 

(3) compound button

Applications of Push Button Switch

Telecom, Medical Equipment, Computer/Server, Performance Audio, Low Power On/Off Design, External Hard Drives and Modems, Telecom, Networking.

China Push Switch Manufacturer

We are a professional electric push button switch manufacturer in China. We always focus on providing a one-stop solution to ensure that all push button switches meet international manufacturing standards. We supply a large selection of push switches for sale. 


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