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Due to the small size and light weight, tact switches(commonly referred to as tactile switches) are widely used in household appliances and electronic equipment. Tact switch can control a circuit through a touch sensor. These small-sized tactile switches are placed on PCBs and are used to close an electrical circuit when the button is pressed by a person. When the button is pressed, the switches turn on and when the button is released, the switches turn off. 

As one of top tact switch manufacturers in china, We have more than 10 years of switch experience. Our tact switches meet environmental protection requirements and we support custom tact switches services to meet your needs.

Advantages of Tact Switch

  • Small load

  • Diversified specifications

  • Accurate operating force error

Application of Tact Switch

As one of the most common electronic switches, tact switches are widely used in telecommunications, consumer electronics, audio/video, medical equipment, test/instrumentation, computer/server/peripherals, etc. Our MOQ is 500PCS, and we can provide free samples of tact switches.

Types of Tact Switch

Tact switches at Homyet Parts are divided into five kinds according to their installations and features.

  • Snap-in Type

  • Surface Mount Type

  • Water-proof & Dust-proof Type

  • Led-lighting Type

  • Multi-function Type

 Product Documents of Tact Switch


2X4 Tact Switch SPECIFCATION.pdf

Environmental protection certificate-TACT SWITCH.pdf

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